Adopt the behaviors of effective leaders

Nudge managers and their teams to develop habits—like innovation, agility, and inclusion—that map to your company’s objectives and goals.

Build strong connections

Give managers insight into how to support each person on their team according to their workstyle, their growth opportunities, and what they’re struggling with. Provide personalized coaching to help managers unlock their reports' full potential.

Ace the moments that matter

From onboarding new teammates to coaching low performers, Humu gives managers the exact guidance they need to navigate crucial moments in the employee lifecycle.

Nudge your managers towards greatness

We use our Solution Designer to translate company objectives and goals into specific behaviors for employees to develop. Then, send timely, personalized nudges that help managers and their teams build those habits in their day-to-day work.

Smart Agendas lead to manager magic

Make 1:1s more meaningful by collaborating with directs on a shared Smart Agenda, complete with topic recommendations based on each employee’s needs.

Automated workflows for any management scenario

Access a library of workflows that give managers step-by-step guidance for how to best handle routine processes and stickier situations.

"Humu’s science-first approach helps us to truly understand what matters most to our Farfetchers—and what actions to take."

Sian Keane

Chief People Officer

"Nudges help me and my team stay engaged with the items we agreed to take action on. They are a subtle reminder to keep our goals top of mind and hold ourselves accountable.”

Bev Sato

VP and Director of Parts
Servco Pacific

"People don’t have to wait for management to roll out a time-intensive program. Nudges make learning much more timely and easy."

Chris Edmonds-Waters

Silicon Valley Bank

Move the needle


of employees report that Humu drives noticeable improvement around them


boost in manager performance ratings, attributed to nudges


more employees retained by effective managers in one year

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