A new way to get nudges: Microsoft Teams

At Humu, we know that tiny nudges —small, science-backed recommendations—can transform an entire organization. 96% of nudge recipients report that nudges drive noticeable positive change, while an overwhelming 93% of employees love the nudges they receive.  

To drive maximum impact, we make nudges available in the flow of employees’ day-to-day work, on the platforms where they already spend most of their time: in their email inbox, on Slack, and now directly in Microsoft Teams. With no extra tools, logins, or steps required for employees, nudges via Teams can inspire immediate action — and start transforming your organization right away.

For many Humu customers, Microsoft Teams has replaced email for quick communication between colleagues. Employees open Teams as many times throughout the day as they open their internet browser, using it to chat in real-time, set up meetings, react to company news, and keep larger group conversations organized. “If you took away Teams, my whole organization would fall,” one Teams user reported in our product research. 

That makes Teams a natural place to get nudges without disrupting employees’ workflow. Now, Humu is part of the continuous collaboration already happening in Teams, and it can make that collaboration even more effective by giving employees valuable, step-by-step guidance at just the right time. 

Nudges are now available via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and in the Humu app

The nudges delivered via Teams are the same evidence-backed nudges that can be delivered via email, Slack, or in the Humu app. Recipients can track nudges in their personal Nudge Dashboard, where they can save their favorite nudges and view a history of all the personalized nudges they’ve received so far.

Each Humu nudge contains a short, personalized recommendation with a clear call-to-action. Unlike notifications, which become less effective the more often they’re sent, nudges are the opposite: across customers, we find that employees rely on them more over time.

For HR administrators, employee engagement data from nudges in Teams will be available in the Nudge Activity Dashboard. Admins can easily analyze how employees are engaging with nudges across all channels in one place. See which nudges are resonating most, what themes are most impactful, and where you can make quick adjustments as needed.

This integration is just the beginning of the many ways Humu is making nudges work the way people work. Instead of adding extra to-dos to people’s already packed plates, we’re meeting people exactly where they are. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out new features and delivery channels that empower people everywhere to build better habits in the flow of their work.

If you already get nudges from Humu, your customer success representative will reach out with next steps for receiving nudges on Teams.

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