Announcing Humu’s advisors

At Humu, our mission is to make work better with behavioral science, machine learning, and a little bit of love. To help us achieve that goal, we’re thrilled to formally announce a cohort of advisors that will be providing us with strategic advice and expert counsel. 

Cass R. Sunstein, Robert Walmsley University Professor at Harvard University and founder and director of its Program on Behavioral Economics and Public Policy, brought nudges to prominence in his New York Times best-selling book Nudge. On bringing his extensive experience applying nudge theory to both the public and private sectors, he says, "Humu is an inspiration. Steeped in behavioral science, it is succeeding in using research findings to make workplaces work better—and to improve employees' experience in the process. It's nudging for good in action!"

From his New York Times best-selling books—including Option B and The Originals—to his WorkLife podcast, Wharton Professor Adam Grant is a leading voice on how people find meaning and motivation at work. On joining Humu as an advisor, he says, “Over the years, I’ve seen many teams try to build products that improve work for people and organizations. What sets Humu apart is the team—they have a rare combination of expertise in technology, organizational psychology, and applied experimentation around making work better. They’re already having a meaningful impact in a wide range of workplaces.”

Wharton Professor, Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Behavior Change for Good Initiative, and host of the Choiceology podcast Katherine Milkman, whose research focuses on how consequential behaviors (e.g., saving, exercising, medication adherence, discrimination) can be changed for good, adds, “I’m incredibly excited about the work that Humu is doing to bring behavioral science and technology together to improve how organizations onboard, train and improve their workforce.” 

Professor of Management and Director of the Center of Leadership and Ethics at the McCombs School at the University of Texas at Austin Ethan Burris, brings his expertise on encouraging employees to speak up, managing power and politics, and leading groups and teams. “In today’s modern work environment, engaging the voice of employees has never been more important,” he says. “Having spent my career studying workplace communication, what I find intriguing about Humu’s platform is the ability to not only hear everyone from front-line employees, to managers, to more senior leaders, but also to layer an ecosystem of actions – supported by the science—to propel cultural growth. Leaders looking to make measurable change should take note.” 

Amy Wrzesniewski, the Michael H. Jordan Professor of Management at Yale University, whose research on how we find meaning in our work lives has been published in a wide range of top academic journals and highlighted in several best-selling books, says, “I’ve dedicated my research career to understanding what makes work meaningful and worth doing. To see Humu take such a deep, data-driven approach to making work better for employees and organizations is inspiring.”

As five of the most inspiring experts on how to help people achieve their goals, adopt positive behaviors, and bring their best selves to work, our advisors will help us answer questions about how to best apply academic research to the workplace, provide input on product development decisions, and partner with our People Science team to understand how organizations can best adapt to the increasing pace of change.

We’re proud to welcome this group of experts as advisors, and look forward to a continued partnership that will help make work better for everyone.

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