Black lives matter.

In a time of crisis, we cannot stand idly by, either as a company or as individuals. Being an ally involves listening and learning—and taking action. Here are three things we're doing now.

Based on suggestions from our team, we are donating to Campaign Zero, whose mission is to end police violence in America by limiting police interventions, improving community interactions, and ensuring accountability, and Black Visions Collective, an organization that aims to shape a political home for Black people across Minnesota and whose work is centered in healing and transformative justice principles.

We are encouraging our team to take the time and space they need to care for themselves and their communities. We believe that personal well-being comes before work. If people need an afternoon off, they can take it. We are regularly checking-in on each other, while explicitly making it okay if people want space to not talk.

We are continuing to hire and support Black teammates. That means making sure we are sourcing candidates from a range of backgrounds and experiences, conducting behavioral interviews and asking for work samples (both of which have been shown to remove some bias from the process), and continuing to listen, educate ourselves, and demonstrate change through action.

If you’re looking for resources for how to do your part in the workplace, we recommend this article from Paradigm’s Head of Services Natalie Johnson and Director Evelyn Carter, PhD on building effective allyship skills, these guides on how white men and white women can make meaningful change, and this piece on how businesses can take action against racism.

Take care of each other.

Laszlo (Cofounder), Wayne (Cofounder), Jessie (Cofounder), Annie (VP Ops & People), Arturo (VP Sales), Leah (VP Legal)

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