Leading a remote team with empathy and resilience

Liz Fosslien
Head of comms and content

As much of the global workforce goes remote, many people are realizing just how much work remote work can be. That’s why we’re now providing modified remote work nudges—short, scientifically-backed tips—to anyone who wants them. Our customers are also turning to Humu for help. The most frequent questions we’ve received all focus on a common theme: “How can we lead remote teams effectively but empathetically in such uncertain times?”

As part of our response, we’re hosting a live event on Wednesday, March 25th at 12:30pm PST with Humu CEO and Co-Founder Laszlo Bock and People Scientist Leslie Caputo about all things remote work. Laszlo, the author of Work Rules!, was the SVP of People Operations at Google for 10 years before founding Humu, while Leslie helped hundreds of companies make remote work effective as Chief Customer Officer at Werk.Laszlo and Leslie will cover: - Answers to common questions from our customers and community about distributed teams- Scientifically-backed advice for leading with empathy - Tactical tips on how to make WFH less painful, more productive, and maybe even fun

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If the remote-work transition is harder than you expected, you’re far from alone. Here’s one thing you can do today to start making it easier.

Ask for people’s top tips, tricks, and tools

Start a thread with some friends or colleagues about their favorite working from home (WFH) hacks. Is there a daily habit, app, mantra, or Chrome extension they swear by? Remote work veterans have a lot of wisdom to share, and even WFH newbies have sanity-saving ideas you might love.We’re apart for now, but we’re all in this together.

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