Customer stories: Turning survey insights into action

Caroline Dillon

At Humu, we love to celebrate our customers, especially when we’ve been able to help them make big things happen. Here are a few examples of how we’ve partnered with leading organizations to help them turn survey insights into action.

1. How Kraft Heinz boosted manager support and training | HR Brew

When an internal employee engagement survey at Kraft Heinz showed that 80% of people wanted their leaders to be better coaches and 92% of leaders wanted to be better coaches, Chief People Officer Melissa Werneck and her team sprung into action. 

These results, coupled with the challenges of the pandemic, economic stress, and supply chain constraints led to the creation of Project WIN in 2022. The program was inspired by research from Google’s Project Oxygen, designed by research Humu’s co-founder Laszlo Bock led during his tenure as CHRO at Google. 

In partnership with Humu, Melissa rolled out a manager effectiveness program that was “as scalable as it was customizable” to 1,500 company leaders.

“It’s simple, pragmatic, on-the-go, ‘snackable’ advice, and you can customize it. You can put in all your priorities [and] what you want to get better at.”
- Melissa Werneck, Chief People Officer, Kraft Heinz

In partnership with Humu, Project WIN effectively: 

  • Launched Humu as part of a pilot program to 1,500 leaders
  • Achieved 86% engagement with coaching and development resources 
  • Set the stage for an expansion to all 4,000 Kraft Heinz managers, including those in manufacturing

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2. FARFETCH + Humu: How to define a flex work strategy that actually works  | Humu’s blog

FARFETCH, a leading global platform for the luxury fashion industry, strives to deliver world-class employee experiences to its global workforce of more than 7,000 employees. 

By combining the data-backed insights from Humu with employee engagement survey results, FARFETCH rolled out a flex work strategy that led a staggering 84% of employees to say they feel valued, heard, and empowered to succeed. 

To help FARFETCH Global Director of People Development & Change Kim Wylie and her team achieve these results, we:

  • Determined that two in-office days per week was optimal for the team
  • Identified and surfaced the factors most likely to bring people together in-office
  • Developed a flexible strategy that provided employees work week options
  • Recommended key resources employees needed to feel supported
“One thing I really appreciate about Humu is that their team gives us three things to celebrate and three things to work on. I love the bias towards action. It’s easy to get caught up in the details of the data vs. cutting to action on things that actually matter.”
- Kim Wylie, Global Director of People Development & Change, FARFETCH

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3. HR and IT departments will have to work together to recruit and retain talent | Employee Benefit News 

“How are you using the data you have to really understand insights about the employee work experience?” This question

At Swire Coca-Cola, one of the Coca-Cola Co.’s largest bottling partners and an employer of 7,200 people, the focus companywide is on “limitless thinking and an innovative culture” which applies to every aspect of the employee experience. HR and IT work together to provide employees with a consumer-grade technology experience at work that inspires collaboration and loyalty. 

Here are a few of our favorite takeaways from Julie:

  • "The partnership between IT and HR is essential when it comes to improving an organization's culture, productivity and overall collaboration.”
  • "Data helps business leaders be more predictive and improve the health of the employee life cycle by getting ahead of problems we've historically chased behind. Organizations need both parts of the equation to understand that employee experience."
  • "In order to recruit and retain top talent, organizations need to foster an environment where employees are having a great experience every day. Technology and tools that enable people to be successful and do their job are an essential piece of that."

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4. Manager Effectiveness & The Career Advice You Haven’t Considered | Fidelity's Side of the Desk podcast

What does it take to build a great manager? 

Fidelity Investments Head of Human Resources Bill Ackerman and Humu’s co-founder Laszlo Bock joined Fidelity’s Side of the Desk podcast to discuss the best and worst career advice they’ve ever received, and how to develop better managers.

Humu used Nobel Prize-winning behavioral science to figure out exactly what behaviors each Fidelity manager needed to develop. We then set personalized nudges—or short, science-based suggestions—on how they can improve. 

At the same time, Humu was nudging the people around each manager. Their team members, peers, and boss are all getting nudged, too, which makes it easier to change.

"Our analysis shows that there is a strong correlation between manager effectiveness and associate sentiment. And with the help of Humu, we're seeing improvements in areas that associates have told us were important: structure and process, seeking and giving back feedback, and prioritization. We're also seeing associates feel valued, appreciated, and connected to opportunities to learn and grow." - Bill Ackerman, Head of HR, Fidelity Investments

Read the transcript of Fidelity's Side of the Desk podcast to learn more.

Turning insights into action

Our work with Kraft Heinz, FARFETCH, Swire, and Fidelity all started at the same place: data. Our data analyses allowed us to pinpoint exactly where change was needed. But that alone wasn’t enough to make big things happen. The insights from our data analysis were put into action through personalized recommendations proven to build the behaviors that make teams successful. 

At Humu, we have a bias for action. Ours is the first platform designed to drive behavior change from survey to action through a complete suite of survey analytics, actionable insights, and science-backed recommendations proven to help organizations achieve their biggest goals. 

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