Easily track and manage improvement with the new Admin Dashboard

If you’re responsible for helping people within your department improve, you probably have a lot of data about their morale, engagement, and performance. But it can be hard to know how to move forward with that information—and downright impossible to figure out exactly what support a specific team needs at a specific moment in time.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Humu’s updated Admin Dashboard, a new way to instantly understand where improvement is happening within your department. You can now see exactly how teams are using Humu nudges and what they’re working on. Plus, you can filter all that information, making it easier for you to help everyone get better and better—every single week.

And the best part? The Admin Dashboard instantly updates when a new nudge is delivered, giving you real-time insight into the impact Humu has on your department.

Animated screenshot showing a tour of the Nudge Activity dashboard

Get real-time visibility into your department’s Humu activity

When your job is to help teams make measurable strides with Humu, it’s important for you to quickly understand how things are going. The updated Admin Dashboard visualizes Humu data in real-time to give you deep insight into which teams are taking action—and which ones might need a little extra support.

See exactly where improvement is happening:
An image showing the new filter ability on Humu's Admin Dashboard

Use our new filter feature to learn how people within different parts of your department are using Humu.

  • Click on the filter icon at the top right of the Admin Dashboard
  • Select as many filters as you’d like
  • Press the “Apply filters” button
  • Toggle your preferred filters at any time

Identify teams to celebrate and teams to support

The new activity personas let you monitor whether groups within your department are activators, consistently active, sometimes active, or inactive. Pinpoint the teams that are using nudges to build better habits and may be able to serve as a positive example for others. Track engagement with Humu over time to celebrate the teams that are making an effort to learn and grow, and offer more support to those who are not taking action.

Understand what each team is working on

An image showing the top nudge themes box in Humu's Admin Dashboard

Get a clear and up-to-date view of what people within your department are learning. From one central place, you can now see the most common nudge themes—which include focus areas like social connection, creativity, and productivity—to get a sense for what’s top-of-mind for different teams each week. Monitor how nudge themes change week to week to ensure that you’re offering people the additional support that matters most.

"Without a doubt, our success is due in large part to the information shared on the Humu Admin Dashboard. The ease of use, organization of the platform and clear feedback help us to send accurate and timely communication to our business partners to recognize and encourage action."
Jondi Anderson
Director, HR & Labor Relations
Servco Pacific Inc.

Start using our updated Admin Dashboard today

This is just the beginning of the many ways Humu can help make work better. We’ll continue to roll out new features that empower you to bridge the gap between where your teams are and where you want them to be.

If you already use Humu, check out the new experience in your Humu Admin Dashboard under “Nudge Activity.” If you’re interested in learning more about how Humu can work with your department, we’d love to hear from you.

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