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Talia Bailey

Hybrid work is here to stay. In a recent Gartner survey, a staggering 99% of HR leaders said they expect at least some of their employees to work remotely part of the time, with just one percent expecting a total return to the office.

For an already weary workforce, the hybrid transition will be even more disruptive than 2020’s shift to remote work. Companies that get hybrid work wrong risk losing their best people to burnout and the predicted turnover tsunami, with more than half of employees planning to quit their jobs in 2021. But the hybrid shift is also a unique opportunity — a fresh start for teams to reset cultural norms and build the habits that lead to long-term performance.

Through Humu’s work with large enterprises, we’ve seen firsthand —and in the People Analytics data— what makes a successful team. Companies of all sizes face common struggles: how to keep everyone in the loop, how to build and maintain a strong company culture, and how to distribute opportunities fairly. Hybrid work only magnifies these challenges, making it harder for leaders to pivot team priorities and drive cultural change.

That’s why we’re launching Humu Business Edition: to use our learnings to help growing companies strengthen their teams. It’s a new suite of capabilities that combines new features with best practices, empowering mid-sized businesses to make great teamwork a habit. 

Here’s how Business Edition helps your team improve, every single week: 

Best Practices for Team Effectiveness: Create more effective teams with science-backed nudges 

You aren’t the first team to face big challenges like hybrid teams or manager effectiveness, so you shouldn’t have to start from scratch to solve them. That’s why we built a bundle of science-backed nudges —simple, targeted reminders— that drive the behaviors proven to make teams effective. 

We’ve identified five universal drivers of effective teams:

Purpose: The best employees share a feeling that the work their team does has a positive impact on the world.

Trust: Great collaboration only happens when employees trust that their coworkers will be supportive, accountable, and helpful.

Clarity: To get things done efficiently, team members need clear roles and responsibilities, a shared understanding of team goals, and established processes for achieving those goals.

Learning: The best teams never stop learning and are constantly improving, bit by bit, with a culture of open, continuous feedback.

Inclusion: In an inclusive workplace, all employees feel valued, heard, and empowered to succeed.

Using our decades of people science expertise, we crafted the very best nudges for each of the five drivers. Then, we honed those messages on real-life deployments in the Fortune 500. An Inclusion nudge, for example, might ask employees to share something about themselves with a colleague to help build rapport and connection. A Clarity nudge might encourage employees to define metrics for success with their boss.

No matter your goals, we have an arsenal of science-backed nudges ready to go and proven to work. All you have to do is press send. 

Personal Coach: Personalized guidance that leads to action 

When employees have the opportunity to personalize their nudges, they engage nearly 20% more. That’s why we’re rolling out Personal Coach, which lets employees self-select the skills they want to work on.

These personalized nudges, layered on top of the Team Effectiveness nudges, add up to an unmatched, targeted learning experience for each employee. Employees who onboard through Personal Coach start receiving more tailored nudges immediately, kickstarting their personal growth. 

Rolling Pulse Surveys: See how your organization is feeling in real-time 

As you roll out personalized nudges, keep track of your impact in real-time with Rolling Pulse Surveys. You can quickly collect insights from your team whenever you want about how team dynamics are evolving. Then, easily share that data with stakeholders and take action based on those insights.

Personal Coach and Rolling Pulse are now available to all existing Humu customers, and as part of Business Edition.

Nudge Control Panel: Provide real-time support

When your job is to support your people, you need a way to quickly respond to shifting needs and priorities. Now, with just a few clicks in the Nudge Control Panel, you can react to changes and start sending relevant nudges to impacted teams.

If you’re managing newly hybrid teams, for instance, or noticing a lack of belonging among new remote hires, you can add those insights to your Nudge Control Panel. Each new insight makes your people’s nudges more relevant to their day-to-day tasks.

By sending a boost precisely where your team needs it, you can promote better ways of working, without creating extra work.

Nudge Activity Dashboard: Easily track and manage improvement  

With thousands of incremental behavior changes happening all at once, you need a birds’-eye view of your company’s progress. That’s where the Nudge Activity Dashboard comes in, allowing you to track your teams’ top nudge themes, view macro-level insights from your latest pulse surveys, and easily communicate your findings. The clearer your data, the faster you can turn those insights into action. 

As your people make the transition to hybrid work, they need more personalized, targeted support than ever. That’s why each new feature in Business Edition builds on the others, giving you an easy, time-tested way to deepen team effectiveness.

It starts with science-backed nudges, personalized for each individual to help turn your strategy into action. Then there’s the real-time analytics, so you can see how your team is feeling, what’s working well, and what to focus on next. And, with the Control Panel, you can shift your tactics the moment your priorities shift, driving real-time results across your entire organization.

With Humu Business Edition, you’ll get the tools you need to make your team effective in a new hybrid world of work.

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