Humu is now on Google Cloud Marketplace: Making it easier to make work better

Carrie Brady
VP, Strategic Partnerships

According to Gartner, 45% of HR leaders say that their employees are fatigued due to constant and rapid change.  

Humu offers a sustainable solution to this challenge that is proven to drive meaningful and measurable improvement. 90% of Humu users report that nudges (short, science-backed learning moments) help them build the behaviors they need to remain resilient and productive even as priorities shift. Leaders tell us that Humu makes it easy to identify and address the behavioral gaps that stand in the way of doing big things.

And now we just made it even easier for you to implement our solution.

We’re thrilled to kick off the year by announcing that you can now find and purchase Humu on Google Cloud Marketplace. This update simplifies procurement and onboarding, gives you greater control, and helps you spend smart. In other words, you get to buy the way you want and we’re able to give you faster deployments and time to value.

SADA, a global market leader in professional services and five-time Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year, was engaged in the end-to-end process to list Humu's offering on Google Cloud Marketplace through its Marketplace Integration Services practice. Humu is also a member of SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program, which provides go-to-market strategy and resources for B2B SaaS ISV companies built on Google Cloud.

Here’s exactly how this update lets you more quickly and seamlessly empower your teams with our proven technology.

Streamlined procurement and onboarding

If you’re familiar with Google Cloud Marketplace, you know that it can simplify the procurement process down to just a few clicks. Because we customize our solutions for enterprise customers, our solution is currently listed as a private offer. This means the specifics of the deal are only visible to you and your approved users, providing a secure way to manage your cloud-based purchases.

Onboarding is also easier with Google Cloud Marketplace. You can now more quickly and easily deploy Humu, allowing you to focus on using our solution to meet your business needs, rather than spending time on the deployment process. 

Greater control and convenience

Purchasing Humu through Google Cloud Marketplace allows you to manage your cloud-based purchases in a private and secure environment. You can also control access to our solution so that only approved users can see sensitive information.

We want what’s best for your business. That’s why we’re also excited that Google Cloud Marketplace lets you discover and compare other cloud-based solutions without having to search across multiple websites or deal directly with each vendor. In other words, you can now more quickly make informed purchasing decisions and validate that Humu is the best choice for hitting your most important objectives.

Spend smart

Spend on Humu through Google Cloud Marketplace will show up as a line item on your Google Cloud bill and can count towards your committed spend on Google Cloud.This maximizes cost savings and helps you spend smarter across first and third-party solutions.

All Google Cloud Marketplace purchases show up on one bill from Google Cloud, simplifying the payment process and allowing you to more easily track and manage your budget. Spend less time getting Humu up and running, and more time identifying and addressing the behavioral gaps that might be making it hard for your organization to move quickly towards big goals.

Imagine what would happen if you could help your teams build sustainable habits and stay on track–every single week. Sound exciting? Head to our listing and request to learn more and someone from our team will reach out to you.