New tools to focus on what matters in 2022

Talia Bailey
Product marketing manager

New year, new goals for your team. But with so much going on at work, it’s hard to know what to focus on first. That’s why we’re introducing new Humu insights: to help you escape information overload and hone in on what matters most to your people.

See real-time trends in Insights Explorer     

Track how nudges are transforming your organization with smart insights — not a data dump — in Insights Explorer. We’ll show you what actions your team is taking, what new habits they’re focusing on, and which teams might need a little extra help. 

To get a taste, log in to Humu Admin and navigate to the Insights tab on the left-hand toolbar. You’ll see both automatically-generated insights and insights created by Admins in your company using the Nudge Control Panel. Each Insight includes supporting information in the form of a graph or chart, and, where relevant, an example nudge. 

These real-time insights can help you recognize trends, like “Most people in Sales want help working from home” or  “Leaders in marketing are 82% more effective than the company average,” and take action where it makes sense. With smarter Insights, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions with more conviction—and generate more results.  

Let employees choose what to focus on 

Employees who decide what they want to be coached on are 10-15% more engaged than employees who participate in more generic coaching. That’s why in the new year, Humu will be encouraging people to update their personal and team focus areas to reflect what’s most important to them right now. 

Refreshing these focus areas every quarter—or more frequently if they choose— gives your employees more control over their nudges and makes them more likely to follow through. After an employee chooses their focus areas, they’ll be encouraged to reflect on them throughout the year and update them as needed to receive the most relevant, useful nudges. Research shows that when people are able to personalize their algorithmic recommendations, they’re more likely to trust and act on them. 

See what your team is prioritizing right now 

To see your people’s current areas of focus, navigate to your Nudge Activity Dashboard and click on the new Focus Areas graph.

You’ll see a dynamic bar chart showing what people have self-selected to work on, from Work-life Balance and Mentorship to Feedback and Goal-setting. 

The chart updates in real-time based on employees’ choices, showing data at the team and individual level. These insights already inform the nudges we send via Humu’s Nudge Engine, and they’re now available for Admins to reference, too. 

Use your team’s focus areas to help you prioritize projects — say, a Work-life balance initiative one month and a Productivity initiative another month— based on what people are already asking for. 

It’s not enough to have great data: you need to know what actually moves the needle for your team. Humu shows you the right things to focus on for maximum impact, so you can rev up your transformation efforts and reach your biggest goals.

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