Understand employee sentiment in real time with Rolling Pulse

Talia Bailey
Product marketing manager

Work moves fast these days. Last month’s data might already be outdated today. If HR rolls out a brand new initiative based on that information, it won’t be as relevant or effective as it could be.

“We can’t move quickly with our old approaches and timelines,” one CHRO told us recently. “We need to adopt faster processes.“ In working with hundreds of HR leaders, we know teams are looking for real-time data, with strong success metrics to back up the solutions (like Humu) that they introduce.

That’s why we’re launching Rolling Pulse for all Humu customers: to help leaders take their team’s pulse and take smart action faster. Rolling Pulse bridges the time gap between surveys and action by showing how your teams are working together right now, with insights to keep nudges fresh, relevant, and focused on your specific goals. 

With up-to-date insights at your fingertips, you’ll see exactly how Humu is impacting your team — and what to focus on next.

How Rolling Pulse works 

 1.      Take a quick pulse check 

When Rolling Pulse is ready to go, Humu sends 1-5 short, customizable questions to a representative sample of your entire organization. For precise, detailed data, Admins can choose from multiple types of questions—free-response, multiple choice, and ranking—on varying topics related to their Humu program. The quick, easy-to-answer questions meet employees where they already are, via Slack, Microsoft Teams, or in their inbox, to gather data about the goals they’re working on with Humu and their feelings about work overall. To prevent survey fatigue, we keep the pulse surveys short and staggered, so a single employee won’t get questions every week.  

Rolling Pulse continuously updates with new data, so you can see your team as it is right now, not as it was several weeks ago, and spot trends as they happen. 

 2.     Measure impact 

To see how Humu’s nudges are transforming your team over time, whether that’s week to week or quarter to quarter, navigate to your Nudge Activity Dashboard. There, you can view the answers for active survey questions, overall sentiment scores, free-response comments from employees, and long-term trends. You’ll also see which nudges your team is engaging with most and the top themes they’ve chosen to focus on.

Sharing results with stakeholders is easy: just filter and download the data you want. The longer Rolling Pulse is active at your organization, the easier it is to identify long-term trends — and keep an eye on the metrics that matter most to your team.

   3.    Convert your insights into action  

After observing trends or shifts in your dashboard, you can use that information to send an extra boost of relevant nudges from the Nudge Control Panel. If you see that one particular team is struggling with collaboration, for instance, you can send a targeted burst of teamwork-related nudges to that group alone to boost nudges about working together more effectively. The team will then receive nudges focused on the timely topic of teamwork for several weeks, in addition to their existing nudges. The Nudge Engine adapts to send the right guidance to employees who need it most, without overwhelming them.

Armed with new insights from Rolling Pulse, leaders can take additional action as needed, whether that’s a quick conversation with HR or a larger strategy shift. Word-for-word comments help you understand what actions people are taking in response to nudges, so you can see what’s working at your specific organization. Seeing feedback in real-time means you can take action on any issues faster than ever: the earlier you hear about a new challenge your team is facing, the faster you can refine your strategy in time to make a real difference. 

Rolling Pulse is a short survey with far-reaching impacts. Your employees get a quick, low-effort way to share feedback with leadership, HR admins get an easy way to track real-time sentiment, and leaders get insight into how nudges are impacting the organization overall. 

As more Humu customers see data rolling in from Rolling Pulse, we’ll generate more insights into which nudges work best and what the most effective teams are doing to improve. Then, we’ll share those insights with everyone else, and use that data to make your nudges more actionable than ever. By keeping a pulse on your team, you’ll make sure your initiatives stay relevant — no matter how fast things change.

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