Your Humu nudges, now all in one place

At Humu, we know that small, consistent steps sum up to profound improvement. That’s why our nudges are built to make action easy.

Every Humu nudge contains a short, personalized recommendation with a clear call-to-action. Unlike notifications, which become less effective the more often they’re sent, nudges are the opposite: across customers, we find that employees rely on them more over time.

If your company has Humu, you’re already getting nudges in the places you work, like in your email or on Slack. Now, we’re stepping outside the inbox to tie everything together by launching a new way to access everything Humu—including your nudges—all in one place.

Save your favorite nudges

People who get nudges have told us they’d love to quickly refer back to previous nudges without digging through their messages—so we made it happen!

Save any nudges you find particularly helpful or inspiring by clicking on the star icon within Humu. This makes them even easier to act on later, and helps Humu learn which nudges are most loved by people within your organization.

View all your nudges

In addition to saving your favorites, you can now view a history of all the nudges you’ve received over the past six months.

Look back at your nudge journey to reflect on your progress. You’ve changed a lot since your very first nudge.

See your latest nudge

Skimmed a Slack notification or missed a nudge because it got buried in your inbox? No problem. When you open Humu, you’ll be greeted by your latest personalized nudge, tailored just for you.

“It’s kind of like ‘How do you want the world to be?’ You should be that person. Humu nudges give me the opportunity to be that person.”- Financial services manager

To the future

This is just the beginning of the many ways Humu can help make work better. We’ll continue to roll out new features that empower people everywhere to build better habits, get more done in less time, and connect with their colleagues.

If you already get nudges from Humu, check out the new experience at If you’re interested in learning more about how Humu can work with your organization, we’d love to hear from you.

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