Diversity & Inclusion

Empower everyone to rise to their full potential

Imagine if you could help all your employees feel connected to their teams and supported by your organization. You can. Build a more equitable and inclusive environment with Humu.
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  • 1
    Make inclusion a daily habit for everyone
    Motivate each person to develop skills that promote inclusion with personalized nudges. Kickstart virtuous cycles of improvement by making quick wins easy.
  • 2
    Improve team cohesion and culture
    Make every team one in which people feel heard, valued, and empowered to succeed. Identify specific areas that need work, and then nudge teams to develop better ways of connecting.
  • 3
    Achieve measurable inclusion goals
    Set clear milestones and track progress with our Inclusion Index. Feel confident that you’re building a culture in which everyone can thrive.

Inclusive cultures make a world of difference


improvement in team’s decision-making when inclusion exists


of people who leave a company cite lack of inclusion


inclusive companies are eight times more likely to achieve their business outcomes


Teams whose members feel valued and heard do amazing things. Discover how to improve inclusion at every level of your organization with Humu.

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