remote & HYBRID TeamWORK

Keep your team working as one, from anywhere

Make the most of in-office and remote time and build a culture that works across locations, so no one gets left behind. Help your teams practice new skills in the flow of their day-to-day, and in the moments that matter.
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This week, tell an unsung hero that you notice and appreciate their work — you may want to tell their boss, too! 

Write down 2-3 new norms that you'd like to establish on your team. Can you put at least one into practice today?
Encourage your team to bond and learn from one another by helping to answer the question "Who knows what?"
Create a channel (or start an email thread) where people can post a problem and ask team members to share their skills and insights.
Brainstorm a couple norms or processes that could boost transparency within a hybrid team.


Keep your team engaged, happy, and productive no matter the location

  • 1
    Keep everyone connected
    Everyone - both managers and individual contributors - will receive personalized nudges that improve the flow of ideas between employees for increased innovation, faster collaboration, and a better bottom line.
  • 2
    Create a strong culture, anywhere
    Make it easy for teams to set and experiment with norms that work anywhere your people do. Help teams do their best work when and how it makes sense.
  • 3
    Level the playing field
    Nudge Control Panel helps you provide support tailored to the teams’ diverse needs and concerns. Focus teams on outcomes, not inputs, to boost equity and prevent pitfalls like proximity bias.

Align and engage everyone, no matter
where they work


of employees prefer a hybrid work model


of employees lack awareness of the culture the organization needs, HR leaders say


People who feel a strong sense of belonging to their company are 9.4x more likely to stay
How Humu Helps
The nudges from Humu truly created mindfulness related to our work environment that has always existed and is now more widespread. These nuggets of information reframed our “old ways” of leading and I found them to be relevant and timely as we begin the journey of returning to office .
We love the nudging concept at our firm - small pieces of thinking that don’t seem overwhelming to leaders/managers but can have a big impact on employees. We also really like that the nudges are founded in people science and not just management consultant "theory".
Humu nudges provide specific, helpful suggestions to move you closer to your best self at work. They've sparked big ideas and conversations, and I recommend them to anyone who will listen.


Seize the return-to-office moment to reimagine your company culture, for good.

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