Promote sustainable ways of working

When employees learn how to work smarter, offer each other support, and invest in their own mental health, they feel better—and their work gets better, too.
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    Increase resilience
    Make it easy for everyone to build the skills they need to weather inevitable setbacks. Help employees spend less time reacting and regrouping, and more time getting results.
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    Build healthy habits
    Take care of your #1 asset: your people. Empower employees to combat stress and create sustainable work-life boundaries within their teams.
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    Improve motivation
    Deliver nudges to boost connection, trust, and morale. Help people see the meaning in what they do, and understand how their work connects to a larger purpose.

Nudges make it easy to get better and better


say that nudges drive noticeable change


say that Humu makes it easy to develop healthy work habits


of managers who get nudges take action to improve


Empower your entire workforce to develop healthier ways of working.

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