SURVEY overview

Surveys built to make change happen

Humu’s science-backed employee engagement surveys are designed to surface results that make it easy to take action—and to achieve mission-critical business objectives.
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How it works

Design a survey that drives action

Measure what matters most

Work with Humu’s team of behavioral scientists to design your survey. We’ll map your goals to specific, science-backed questions that will help you understand where improvement and action are needed.

Pinpoint what needs to change

Our proprietary behavioral science framework empowers you to map your organization’s key areas for improvement to the relevant behaviors proven to drive business objectives.

Get results that lead to action

Leverage Humu’s reports powered by predictive analytics to give managers and employees a streamlined set of focus areas. We’ll nudge employees with personalized recommendations for how to improve their work habits, and start driving change in weeks (not months).

Surveys customized to your exact needs

Culture surveys

Understand strengths, opportunities, and employee sentiment across your organization. Immediately translate results into behavior change within every team and at every level.

Manager diagnostics

Collect and analyze manager strengths and improvement areas across behaviors that are core to your organization’s goals and leadership competencies. Help managers scale their impact by offering them—and their teams—personalized guidance through nudges.

Pulse surveys

Send every employee personalized nudges—informed by behavioral science and proven to drive change over time— to create an environment for success.


Develop an employee engagement survey designed to drive action.

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