(Hybrid) Work Rules!

“Work shouldn’t be demotivating or dehumanizing. Here's how leaders can build great teams, even when those teams aren’t together in-person all the time.”
Laszlo Bock
Author of Work Rules!
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The (Hybrid) Work Rules

By taking these five steps, leaders can create world-class cultures, no matter where their people work.

Give work meaning

Purpose matters more than ever. Our research shows that people who don’t feel their work contributes to their company’s mission are 6.3x more likely to quit their jobs than their peers who do. To increase meaning at work, clearly tie each person's tasks back to the bigger picture.


Trust your people

And trust them a bit more than feels comfortable. To help hybrid teams succeed, leaders and managers should offer direction, not directions. Clearly outline the milestones you’d like your reports to hit — and then let them figure out how to get there.



Hybrid work means it’s easier to miss out on the small moments that spark innovation. Nudges, or small suggestions, can keep teams connected. For example, in meetings, remind managers to kick off with a fun prompt. Learn more about how Humu has automated nudging at scale.


Provide clarity

While leaders should offer their people autonomy, they also shouldn’t shy away from putting a stake in the ground. When it comes to company direction, policies, and values, being clear is the kindest thing you can do. Clarity empowers people to move forward. Ambiguity is punishing.


Invest in inclusion

Inclusion is critical to retaining and developing top talent. Use the shift to hybrid as an opportunity to identify cultural gaps, and to set new norms to create a better, stronger culture. Make the evaluation criteria for projects as clear as possible: the more explicit the rubric, the less room for bias.


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