Analyze organizational data

Collect and surface insights from engagement surveys and employee data  to get a comprehensive view of your company’s unique strengths and opportunities.
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Pinpoint areas for improvement

Get actionable insights about the specific behaviors that will drive the most impact at every level of your organization.
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Drive action to unlock business objectives

Send every employee personalized nudges—informed by behavioral science and proven to drive change over time— to create an environment for success.
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Unlock top objectives in a few ways

Make every manager more effective

Apply behavioral science to offer managers timely guidance on how best to coach each direct report in the moments that matter most. Learn more

Bring your values and frameworks to life

Empower every employee to develop the habits and behaviors—specific to their role—that are most important to your company’s success. Learn more

Reinforce mission-critical training

Accelerate employee development and make the most of your learning initiatives by nudging your people to apply key takeaways in the flow of their work. Learn more

"Humu’s science-first approach helps us to truly understand what matters most to our Farfetchers—and what actions to take."

Sian Keane

Chief People Officer

"Nudges help me and my team stay engaged with the items we agreed to take action on. They are a subtle reminder to keep our goals top of mind and hold ourselves accountable.”

Bev Sato

VP and Director of Parts
Servco Pacific

Move the needle


of employees report that Humu drives noticeable improvement


more effective at driving lasting behavioral change than traditional training


boost in retention across nudge recipients

Achieve your business objectives faster with Humu

Drive behavior change at every level of your organization.