Reinforcing trainings

Maximize the impact of your training programs

Accelerate employee development and upskilling by nudging your people to apply important concepts in the flow of their work.
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    Surface the follow-ups that matter most
    Identify the most important behaviors employees need to adopt from trainings and development programs—from training and development programs, to unlock company objectives.
  • 2
    Reinforce key learnings on the job
    Deliver timely, personalized nudges—that reinforce the behaviors your teams learned—exactly when employees are most likely to act on them.
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    Automatically get better results
    Effortlessly boost the impact of your training and development efforts by driving noticeable behavior change at every level of your organization.

Develop a highly effective workforce


report that Humu drives noticeable positive change for managers


higher return on trainings with Humu


Make every employee more effective

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