Built to make action easy

Drive measurable change with personalized, science-backed nudges.
Help your teams practice new skills in the flow of their day-to-day, and in the moments that matter.
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Promote better ways of working, without creating extra work

Meet teams exactly where they are
Empower employees to develop new skills in the flow of their work. Personalized nudges make it easy to learn, every single day.
Give proven step-by-step support
Nudge your teams to take the right actions, at the right times. Offer science-backed suggestions known to drive outcomes.
See noticeable improvement,
every week
Help teams get better and better, together. Track nudge engagement and adjust nudge focus areas to ensure your top initiatives don’t get stuck.

How Humu nudges deliver results

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    Backed by Nobel-prize winning science
    Every Humu nudge is based on academic research and carefully crafted by our team, which invented People Analytics.
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    Rigorously tested for effectiveness
    User experience panels ensure nudges are easy to understand and act on. Feedback loops within each nudge let us turn off what’s not working, and send more of what is.
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    Personalized to get results
    Employees turn to nudges more and more over time. Sustained nudge engagement rates across customers are as high as 95%.


  • Continued action
  • Increasing effectiveness
  • Personalized suggestions
  • Based on Nobel-prize winning science


  • Distraction
  • Decreasing effectiveness
  • Generic nags
  • Based on spam

Delivered in the flow of work

Nudges work the way teams work. No additional tools, steps, or processes required.

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