Manager Effectiveness

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  • 1
    Unburden managers and empower teams
    Give managers opportunities to develop new skills every week, without having to do extra work. Nudge them to follow through on good intentions and help their teams experiment with better ways of working.
  • 2
    Drive lasting improvement
    Make sure the impact of your training programs doesn’t fade over time. Reinforce best practices and remind managers to apply what they’ve learned in their day-to-day. 
  • 3
    Facilitate high-performing teams
    When managers get better, teams get better, too. Nudge managers to give their people the exact support they need to deliver exceptional work.

Nudges help managers get better and better


of nudged managers make improvement a habit


of those managers were observed trying new strategies to become a better manager


of teams who get nudges say their managers get noticeably better


What if you could develop great managers, without having to roll out time-intensive training programs? With Humu, you can.

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