Make every manager an effective manager

Use behavioral science to identify and address manager performance gaps that stand in the way of achieving top company objectives.

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Coach employees to create mini milestones
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Conduct a learning audit
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Inspire customer champions
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Spread leadership around
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Together, one step at a time
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Translate the mission for each employee
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Offer support—not a rescue
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Remove barriers to progress
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Start with small innovations
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Share who you want to be

Identify where support is needed most

Equip managers with actionable insights for how to better coach their reports and develop resilient, high-performing teams.

Unburden managers with nudges

Automatically deliver timely, science-backed recommendations that make it easy for managers and their reports to build the specific behaviors that set teams up for success.

Activate your managers to be change agents

Humu uses people analytics and Nobel Prize-winning research to help your managers lead high-performing teams and adopt the behaviors most important to your organization's success.

It really works


Report that Humu drives noticeable positive change for managers


Boost in manager performance ratings, attributed to nudges


less likely for employees to leave as a result of managers taking action on nudges

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Humu + Fidelity: How to develop great managers

Our CEO Laszlo Bock recently sat down with Fidelity’s Head of HR Bill Ackerman to talk career advice and how Humu has made it easy for Fidelity to offer managers personalized coaching. Listen to the full conversation here

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