Move your organization to exactly where it needs to be

Tell us where you're headed, and we’ll turn your goals into personalized step-by-step support for your entire workforce.

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Manage action, not Plans

Focus your people on what matters
If things change, don’t worry. Humu’s Nudge Control Panel gives you everything you need to drive specific company outcomes each week.
Empower employees to act quickly
Nudge everyone with step-by-step guidance that’s personalized to their unique needs.
See where improvement is happening, and adjust
Get real-time visibility into progress across teams. As priorities change, shift to drive action in new areas.
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Drive action with personalized nudges

Help people take action on the job, instead of adding new programs, extra responsibilities, or tools. Our science-backed nudges are designed to facilitate work, not be extra work. 

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Make action easy for everyone

Deliver personalized, easy-to-act-on nudges to help your people develop better ways of working.
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Empower people to reach goals

Activate everyone by connecting personal growth directly to company strategy.
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Get nudges where you work

Inspire immediate action with nudges on email, Slack, and Teams—no additional tools, steps, or processes required.

Focus on the right things

Select where your teams need to focus, and quickly make adjustments as things change. Our Nudge Control Panel ensures time is spent acting, not planning.

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Get insight into who is taking action

See how people are engaging, know what is working, and quickly make adjustments.

Gain the visibility you need to ensure your teams are improving, week after week.
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Experience noticeable change


of employees report that Humu drives noticeable improvement around them


of employees say Humu makes it easier to develop better ways of working


of managers getting nudges start taking action to better support their teams


Wherever you're headed, get there faster with Humu

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