Product overview

The first platform designed to drive behavior change from survey to action

Humu offers a complete suite of survey analytics, actionable insights, and science-backed recommendations proven to help organizations achieve their biggest goals.
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How it works

Analytics meets action

Collect and analyze a comprehensive dataset

Our survey is informed by Nobel prize-winning science and is configured to focus on your company’s specific needs. We can integrate survey results with all your employee data—including HRIS, pulse data, and other sentiment tracking—to establish exactly what’s working and what needs improvement.

Focus on the behaviors that matter most

Our proprietary behavioral science framework empowers you to map your organization’s key areas for improvement to the relevant behaviors proven to drive business objectives.

Nudge your entire workforce to improve

Everyone—from ICs to senior leaders—receives short, science-backed recommendations called nudges in the flow of work at the exact moment when it’s easiest to take action. Admins have dashboards that give them real-time visibility into progress within each  team and allow them to influence nudges  as priorities shift.

Experience Humu’s platform at work

The key to lasting change is breaking down big goals into clear actions that everyone can take. How does that work at scale? Choose a goal, pinpoint key behaviors, and see how Humu guides every employee to take action and succeed.  Try it for yourself here.

Our nudge library contains thousands of personalized recommendations proven to build the behaviors that will make your team successful.

Powered by science, proven by data


of employees say nudges help them practice good work habits


of low-performing managers who acted on nudges became strong or outstanding performers in one year


more likely to take action on survey results after receiving nudges


Achieve your biggest organizational objectives with Humu

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