Better managers, better hybrid teams: Introducing a new Business Edition feature to boost performance

Liz Fosslien
Head of comms and content

Over the past year, the number of people leaving their jobs has skyrocketed to historical highs in what experts are calling “The Great Resignation.” At the same time, teams are transitioning to a whole new way of working: hybrid.

In light of these two trends, managers matter more than ever. Without a manager who is able to set clear priorities, build trust, and keep people connected, team productivity will plummet. Worse, employees will feel alienated, lose motivation, and start to look for new jobs.

But further developing managers can seem daunting: research shows that managers are already stretched too thin. Since early 2020, managers’ after hours meetings have gone up by 25% and weekend collaboration has tripled. 

The key to supporting managers is to help them take the small steps that have a big impact—and to help their teams do the same. Managers can’t perform at their best if their teams aren’t taking action, too. 

Our newest Business Edition feature is designed to make a hybrid model work, without creating extra work for anyone. By quickly surfacing top focus areas for teams and then nudging everyone—managers and employees alike—to improve, Humu Business Edition helps the entire team get better and better, together. Here’s what our latest updates empowers you to do: 

Identify top focus areas within each team 

What matters most within one team may not matter as much within another. For example, some teams may be struggling to stay connected across different time zones, while others might need help facilitating equitable conversations during meetings. In other words, driving meaningful improvement across an organization starts by pinpointing exactly what each manager—and their team—should work on.

That’s exactly what our new Business Edition onboarding flow is built to do. When teams start using Humu, each person is prompted to share what skills they’d like to build--and to select an area where they think their team could develop. Team focus areas include scientifically proven pillars of performance, like inclusion, learning, and meaning. Based on this feedback, Humu starts nudging managers and team members to take action based on where they need to focus.

Offer personalized coaching that connects the dots

Give managers and their teams easy-to-implement, step-by-step guidance on how to establish better ways of working. Based on what your people tell us, we’ll deliver nudges that focus everyone on the areas that matter most within their team.

Nudges are tailored to each person’s role: managers get nudges that while team members. Nudges are proven to kick off virtuous cycles of improvement: people are immediately able to drive noticeable change, so they feel motivated to continue taking action. And as team members get better, managers’ jobs get easier, giving them more time to focus on what matters most.

See where your teams need the most support

Get real-time insight into which focus areas are most requested across teams. Log into your Nudge Activity Dashboard and filter the “Most requested topic areas” by “Team.” You’ll instantly see a breakdown of which key drivers teams are struggling with the most.

Humu will already be delivering nudges based on top focus areas, but if you learn something new, you can always log into your Nudge Control Panel, click on “Add an Insight” and choose the new issue impacting your teams. Humu will incorporate this additional signal into its software, and begin sending new nudges to offer support where it’s needed.

By surfacing where teams need to focus and then nudging managers and their people to work smarter, Humu drives improvement that sticks. See how we can do the same for your organizations by getting in touch today.