Gain clarity and context about what matters most for your teams

Research shows that only 8% of employees strongly agree that their organization makes positive changes based on surveys. And those who don’t strongly agree (i.e. 92%) are almost twice as likely to start looking for another job.

What if there were a way to quickly gain a deep understanding of what matters most to your teams? What if, in just a few clicks, you could pinpoint a few quick wins that would let you kickstart a virtuous cycle of noticeable improvement at every level of your department? Today, all that and more is possible within our upgraded Insights Dashboard.

We’re excited to announce we’ve improved our comment analytics, giving you more ways to instantly gain context and clarity into what your people are talking about. You can now see a list of topics that are top-of-mind within different teams and drill down into specific comments to get additional context.

At a glance, learn what your people care about most

When your job is to make it easy for teams to get better and better, it’s important for you to quickly understand where you can jump in to help. See a list of the topics your teams mentioned most often in their comments, and easily access their full written responses to learn more.

Filter by specific topics to gain further clarity

Click on any combination of topics to learn exactly where you can make noticeable and meaningful improvements. Hear from your people in their own words to pinpoint the positive changes that will boost engagement, morale, and performance.

Quickly surface ideas to act on

Research shows that 80% of employees believe their managers don’t act on survey results. Show that you’re committed to acting on feedback by speaking to the exact issues your people care about most. Use the search bar to instantly filter for comments that provide additional detail about areas you’d like to better understand.

Achieve your most important goals

Expand your personalized insights to see related comments and use this increased visibility to more confidently engage your teams. By learning more about why a specific area is especially important, you can more confidently help every team find the best route to big, shared finish lines.

Start using our improved comment analytics today

This is just the beginning of the many ways Humu can help make work better. We’ll continue to roll out new features that empower you to bridge the gap between where your teams are and where you want them to be.

If you already use Humu, check out the improved comment analytics in your Insights Dashboard. If you’re interested in learning more about how Humu can work with your department, we’d love to hear from you.

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