Instantly give your teams the exact support they need

Liz Fosslien
Head of comms and content

When COVID hit, customer and team priorities shifted overnight. A year later, the pace of change shows no signs of slowing. In the dynamic new world of work, leaders need a way to quickly refocus their teams and help them jump into action.

That’s where Humu’s new Nudge Control Panel comes in. In just a few clicks, you can now  prioritize where your teams should improve, and immediately start delivering nudges that empower everyone to start taking action right away. As progress is made or as things change, simply log in to drive action in new areas.

Humu’s Nudge Control Panel offers a way to skip heavy planning or training and instantly increase agility. By selecting the types of nudges you’d like your teams to receive, you can promote better ways of working, without creating extra work. 

It’s never been easier to give your people the exact support they need to keep making progress, every single week.

Adjust focus areas in real-time

When your job is to support your people, you need a way to quickly respond to shifting needs and priorities. Simply log in to your Humu dashboard and select the Control Panel tab to start sending relevant nudges to impacted teams.

Offer support for a specific challenge

Click on the “Add insight” button to tell us what you know about your people and where they’re struggling. Choose the issue impacting your organization and then use the filter function to select the teams you’d like to offer support. Feel confident that you’re offering your people the guidance they need.

Deliver timely advice to focus and empower teams

Once you’ve selected the areas where your teams can improve, Humu will instantly start sending your people nudges—short, science-backed suggestions that make it easy to take action. Nudges unburden managers and empower employees to thrive, even as things change.

Achieve your most important company outcomes

The Nudge Control Panel makes it easy to quickly react to new insights and changing priorities. In turn, your people become more agile, better able to take action in a meaningful way, and focused on driving mission-critical outcomes. By instantly offering every person within your organization the exact support they need that week, you can ensure that your top strategies stay on track, no matter what comes next. 

Start taking the right actions today

This is just the beginning of the many ways Humu can help you easily turn your strategy into action. We’ll continue to roll out new features that empower you to bridge the gap between where your teams are and where you want them to be. 

If you already use Humu, check out the Nudge Control Panel in your Insights Dashboard. If you’re interested in learning more about how Humu can work with your department, we’d love to hear from you.