One year of science, machine learning, and love

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Today marks an important milestone for the Humu team. It’s the culmination of twelve months of developing and deploying behavioral change technology that helps people become happier and more productive at work, in real time. And it also sets the compass for the next phase of the company as we continue on our mission of making work better for everyone, everywhere.

While we’re keeping our cards close as we grow, today we’re celebrating that:

  • Humu has raised over $40 million in funding led by Index Ventures (Series A) and IVP (Series B) that we’re putting to work to accelerate the expansion of our platform and ensure that it scales across countries, companies, and cultures.
  • Humu has welcomed Danny Rimer (Index Ventures) and Somesh Dash (IVP) to our board of directors. Their expertise benefits not just the Humu team, but every one of our partners and their employees.
  • Humu’s technology empowers enterprise leaders to measure what matters (and only what matters) and to leverage people analytics (and a little bit of ❤) to nudge people towards being their best selves, every day. The end-game? Higher productivity, dramatically lower attrition, and happier, more capable companies built from the inside-out and the bottom-up.
  • Despite our stealth status, Humu has had inquiries from more than 20% of the Fortune 100 about putting our products to work for their teams. In the past few months alone, we’ve deployed with companies ranging in size from 150 to 65,000—who are leaders in putting people first.

With the support of Humu’s investors, team, and growing list of partners around the world, we’re looking ahead to a range of products that forever change the way people work, for the better—guided by our core beliefs.

We believe work can and should be better for everyone, everywhere.

We spend more time working than doing anything else. That experience should (and can) be more meaningful, impactful, and productive. In any role, in any function, at any level, we can be constantly learning and growing, and be surrounded by people who are doing the same. And we can be happy while doing it.

We believe in putting people first.

Technology can do a lot, but—when it comes to complex, nuanced, and deeply personal people issues like diversity, compensation and development—no algorithm alone is up to the task. When we develop products, we put people first, marrying decades of research in human behavior with the latest in machine learning to help companies realize positive cultural change in a way that’s understanding, unbiased, and respectful of privacy.

We believe the data revolution in human resources is here.

Analytics has transformed operations, then marketing, and the time for people functions is now. We believe that CHROs can become the Scientists in Chief of their very own happiness laboratories, armed with people science and real-time feedback loops that constantly improve performance. That’s where Humu comes in. It’s about knowing the right actions to take, by the right people, at exactly the right time to achieve positive change. And using science and data to show leaders that happier employees are more productive, more committed to company goals, stick around longer, and are more interested in learning and growing on the job.  

Also, we’re hiring. :) Apply here, or to find out how Humu can work in your company, drop us a line at

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